The Program
An international program that develops children’s mental qualifications and raises their intelligence levels as well as their utilization of their brain.
Interactive Learning
Teaching through playing helps develop the child’s personality and enhances his/her thinking and imagination, which reflects positively on the development of the language, memory and perception.
Brain Development
The program helps the child analyze information and situations and become able to compile facts to reach to conclusions.

A few words about The Little Genius Center

The Little Genius Centre (TLG) Mental Arithmetic was opened in 2007 to serve the needs of our growing community. Over the years, the center has earned praise for its continuous improvement in student test scores and consistently high levels of parent satisfaction.

  • TLG center has more than (12) branches in Jordan and (4) branches in the Middle-East and one branch in Romania & the Franchise is increasing.
  • TLG center  has so far enhanced the mental qualifications of over (5000) students in Jordan & the region.
  • TLG program depends on scientific methods that result in revealing the unlimited capabilities of the brain.
  • TLG program consists of 8 levels divided into (2) main groups junior (5-8 years) & senior (9-13 years).

Our program provides the following benefits


The program enhances the child’s self confidence & strengthens the child’s desire in gaining learning.

Concentration & Comprehension

The child gains the ability to solve systematic sequences.

Creativity & Innovation

Developing both sides of the brain releases talents & creative skills.

Analytical Skills

Develop analytical skills by compiling numbers in different calculations.

Imaginative Skills

Activate imaginative skills by utilizing the inactive brain hemisphere used for storing & gathering images.

Numeric & Photographic Memory

Perform mental arithmetic, which helps in activating & developing the child’s unused numeric memory.


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