The Little Genius program consists of eight levels, each of which lasts three months and includes (26) hours, given as two hours per week. The program divides enrolled students based on two age groups; Junior (5-9 years old) and Sernior (10-13 years old).

  • younger stage (Junior): From the age of (5 – 9) years,the program is taught , but at a slower acceleration comparing to the senior stage because of difference mathematical background of each of them, and then each stage will be the same at level five of program and teaching becomes in the same speed .
  • older stage (Senior): From the age of (10 – 13) years ,the program is taught and be somewhat intensive at the beginning because the student’s age is close to the age at which the right side  becomes  ineffective and then returns to its normal  speed  at  level four of program .


The program enhances the child’s self confidence & strengthens the child’s desire in gaining learning.

Concentration & Comprehension

The child gains the ability to solve systematic sequences.

Creativity & Innovation

Developing both sides of the brain releases talents & creative skills.

Analytical Skills

Develop analytical skills by compiling numbers in different calculations.

Imaginative Skills

Activate imaginative skills by utilizing the inactive brain hemisphere used for storing & gathering images.

Numeric & Photographic Memory

Perform mental arithmetic, which helps in activating & developing the child’s unused numeric memory.

Services and Capabilities

The Little Genius center fills the gap between the Arabic and the East Asian cultures, by merging mental mathematics with an interactive teaching system in order to smoothly reach to children’s brains.

Certificied Instructors

Our Center is lucky to have a talented staff of high-trained professionals,including several cities The little genius center have more than 100 teachers, 4 official trainers in addition to the high-qulified admin.

Special Curriculum

Thousands of boys and girls are joining the little genius every year since we opened in 2007.Every day your child spends with us more brain cells become active : day by day , Month by month and level by level we are building geniuses. 

Interactive Classes

Our goal is to create a warm Open envioronment where students feel safe enough to ask questions explore and seek answers.We challenge every student to surpass his or her own personal best and help them over the hills and through the valleys of these growing years.

Brain Development

The program helps the child analyze information and situations and become able to compile facts to reach to conclusions.